Thursday, July 21, 2011

18 Months and The Fun is just Beginning!

I have two daughters….

Ok I only actually have one child but some days… she feels like the work of two and at this age (18 months) she is beginning down the path of temper tantrums.  Most of the time she is this sweet inquisitive little thing who follows me around and shows me her discoveries and insists on having Good Night Moon read one more time so she can show ME the mouse, and the red balloon, and the quite old lady whispering “hush”.  But every now and then the banshee in her breaks out (I blame my husband’s side of the family) and she flings herself to the floor in a fit of self-righteous rage because I wouldn’t let her stick her head in the oven while it is on. 
Last night she melted down because I had to leave her downstairs with her father (oh the horrors) while I went upstairs to pee which apparently is not something I am allowed to do.  The usual approach to the fits?  Calmly checking to make sure she hasn’t bashed her nose in during her face first swan dive then walking away from it.  If you ignore it, it will stop and she doesn’t get the idea that it gets her attention.  I dread having to deal with this in public I don’t think the management at Target or the other shoppers will appreciate me leaving a red faced, screaming ball o’ fuss in the middle of the cosmetics aisle to work out her issues.

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